We provide many options for your commercial needs
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • General Liability
  •  Workplace Benefits
Commercial Auto Insurance
As a Florida business owner whose company may have a fleet of vehicles or just one company truck, the same auto insurance needs still apply. We can provide you with quick, affordable Florida commercial auto insurance quotes as early as today!
Whether your company needs to secure a Florida commercial auto insurance policy, or how much coverage you actually need, is typically dependent on the type of driving your employees do. Our expert insurance specialists will sit down with you and explain your commercial auto options; helping you to customize a plan that fits your exact requirements.
Our Florida commercial auto insurance packages provide protection for:
  •  Liability Coverage includes business operations, ownership, etc 
  •  Comprehensive Coverage includes collision coverage
  •  Physical Damage
  •  And more
Our knowledgeable agents are standing by to take your questions and will walk you through the insurance shopping process; while finding you the best rates available! Contact us today to learn more about your coverage options and receive your free commercial auto insurance quotes!
General Liability
General liability, also known as commercial liability insurance is a broad commercial insurance policy that covers general liability exposures of a business. We recommend that all businesses have general liability coverage in place. 
General liability protects you against lawsuits resulting from accidents or property damage done (or not done) by your company. Claims are so common for businesses these days, and every business is vulnerable. That’s why it is essential to have a secure liability policy in place.
To find out more about these, as well as other business insurance products and services, call us and we’ll help make sure you’re properly covered.
Workplace Benefits
Did you know that a group benefits plan advances both workers and employers? Your workers will receive great benefits, but you as the employer will see a boost in morale, productivity, and appreciation. You’ll also have something to bring in new employees, and group benefits foster a healthy work force. Group benefits are also tax deductible as a business expense and can be provided in exchange for monetary compensation.
We offer a broad range of workplace benefit products to Florida businesses and workers including:
  •  Accident Plans
  •  Long and Short Term Disability 
  •  Supplemental Health Insurance 
  •  Hospital Indemnity 
  •  Heart & Stroke Coverage 
  •  Cancer and Specified Disease 
  •  Universal and Term Life Insurance 
  •  Critical Illness 
  •  Long Term Care 
  •  Group Dental 
  •  Group Vision 
  •  Group Life Insurance 
Our benefit health products are designed to supplement primary insurance and allow consumers to make choices depending on their individual needs. Ask us how you can save on your existing benefits package by utilizing our supplemental policies to save on your current premiums.
Give us a call today, to learn more about our dependable Florida supplemental and workplace insurance policies. One of our benefit specialists would be happy to provide you with a complete coverage evaluation!
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